SVSA new home

 want to take a moment and put on my SVSA President hat.

Aside, for those of you who don't know:
I am the current president of the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association.   We meet the fourth Wednesday of every month to celebrate the craft of songwriting through socialization, mutual support, and song critiques.

Last night, we met at Roanoke's Jefferson Center for the first time.  We've been meeting since before my time (ten years) in the basement of Trinity United Methodist Church in Roanoke (a.k.a. the Third Street Coffeehouse).  Fred Pryor, Director of Center Services at the Jefferson Center, met us there to give us an awesome introduction to the history of the place, and a tour that included the Music Lab and an inside look at Shaftman Performance Hall.  I got to put my hands on a sound board that was used to product Quincy Jones!  

There was a graduation there that night, so the first part of the evening was rather raucous, with hundreds of folks in the hallway outside the L.L. Rice Room where we met, but that was all over by the time we started our meeting.  Having tables in a "circle" (square, actually) where people could all see each other during the meeting seemed to really facilitate the conversation.  It also made it very personal when a song was presented via live performance, just sitting there at the table.  Very cool.

We had six songs presented, including one by a brand new member.  Unfortunately we had to table one more that night because we ran out of time, but I'm hoping that Matt Gibson will bring his tune next month.  I can't wait to hear it!

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